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Travel Equipment Checklist

This Travel clothing and equipment checklist will help make sure you have what you need on your next trip.  Whether your traveling close to home, across the country, or overseas, we want to make sure you have what you need.


__ 2 Pairs Lt Weight Pants(Skirts) 
__ 2 Pair Lt Weight Shorts 
__ Belt (Money Belt preferred) 
__ 3+ Pairs of Merino Wool Socks 
__ 2-4 Shirts Light Weight 
__ 3+ Pairs Undergarments Swimsuit 
__ Dark (Cardigan) Sweater 
__ 1 pair Long Underwear (wool or synthetic) 
__ Rain Parka, Umbrella 
__ Dressy Jacket 
__ Long T-Shirt or Sarong (Cover-Up) 
__ Necktie, Scarf, Hairband, Bandanna 
__ Gloves/Mittens 
__ Sun Hat/Knitted Cap, Hat Clip 
__1 Pair Dressy Shoes, Laces 
__1 Pair Walking Shoes/Boots, Laces 
__ Flip-Flops or Sandals 
__Travel Pack, Travel Suitcase 
__Daypack, Fanny Pack, Purse 
__Lightweight Duffel/Laundry Bag 
__Luggage Lock/Cable 
__Alarm Clock/Watch (Batteries) 
__Flashlight/Headlamp, Extra Batteries, Bulbs 
__Multipurpose Tool, Scissors 
__Spoon, Fork, Chopsticks, Spork, Coffee Tin Lid, Plate 
__Rubber Door Stop (For Security) 
__Compressible Travel Pillow 
__Hostel Sheet Bag, Sleeping Bag, 
__Safety Pins, Rubber Bands, Cord 
__Sewing Kit Including Large Needle 
__Dental Floss 
__(Ziploc) Plastic Bags, Garbage Bags, Duct Tape 
__Comb, Hairbrush 
__Shampoo, Conditioner, Bar Soap & Container 
__Nail Clippers 
__(Unbreakable) Mirror 


__Universal (Flat) Sink Stopper 
__Detergent, Spot Remover 
__Inflatable Hangers (To Dry Clothes) 
__Toilet Paper, Water Squirt Bottle, Antibacterial Wipes 
__Water Treatment (UV, Chemical, filter) 
__Diarrhea Treatment 
__Infection Treatment 
__Malaria Tablets 
__Insect Repellent, Mosquito Net 
__Sunscreen, Lip Balm 
__Bandages, Moleskin (Other First Aid) 
__Menstrual, Contraceptive, and/or Prophylactic 
__Vitamins, Necessary Medications 
__Water Bottle, Hydration Bag 
__Sunglasses, Retainer, Case 
__Lens Cleaning Cloth/Supplies, Copy of Prescription 
__Earplugs, Eye Mask 
__Pens, Notebook 
__Personal Address Book, Stamps 
__Maps, Guidebooks, Calling Cards, Membership Cards 
__Reading Materials 
__Large Envelopes 
__Passport, Visa, Extra Passport Photos, Vaccination 
__Copies of Important Documents 
__Driver’s License, Health Insurance Information 
__Travel Tickets 
__Charge & ATM Cards, Cash, Traveler’s Cheques 
__2 Personal Checks 
__Security Pouch (Worn Under Clothes) 
__Camera (Lenses, Flash, Tripod, Film, Extra Batteries, 
Charger, Download Adapter) 
__Cell Phone w/international chips, Charger 
__Laptop Computer, Flash Drive, Power Cord, Adapters, 
__Network Cables 
__Calculator (Solar) 
__Additional Items