Ski Boot Fitting at the Haus

Posted by Bill & Paul's | 10.30.2019


Basic steps to the best boot fit ever:

1)   Start with the right boot 

      Don't buy a ski boot without having it properly fit.  Working with an experienced bootfitter insures you're in the best boot for your feet.

2)    Wear a ski sock  

      Warmth and comfort start next to skin.  Don't skimp on the right sock for the job.

3)    Replace your insoles  

       Insoles are the foundation of the best possible fit.  What are you standing on in your boots?

4)   Customize your boot for the perfect fit! 

     Hot spots from bunyons, ankle bones, wide feet and spurs cause a lot of pain.  Even the right boot can't fix these problems.  Don't buy a bigger boot, have yours custom fit to YOUR foot!

5)    Fine tune for performance  

     The alignment of hip, knee, and feet affect your ability to ski properly.  We are able to measure your alignment and, when needed,  provide corrective steps to balance your body, boots, and skis so you can make a perfect turn!


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