Stay Home. Stay Safe #1 - A Clothing Buyer's Perspective

Posted by Bill & Paul's | 04.08.2020

That's me on the left, and I still own that jacket!

When we all began to shelter-in-place, there was a false sense that this was going to be a two to three week event.  We all stocked up our pantries and freezers. Loaded up on cleaning supplies.  Let's not even mention the TP issue.  Zoom has become the norm and puzzles have made a come-back. 

If you watch the news at all, this may last a bit longer than we thought. So get outside and take a hike (with a mask) and then let's get going on some projects that we have been putting off. I personally have 23 years of cleaning out to do.  

So yes, my pantry is organized.  My laundry is caught up.  We even cleaned out the garage.  What is left?  My closets!  After working at Bill and Paul's for over 25 years, I have successfully squirreled away tons of treasures.

To not get too overwhelmed, I am cleaning out one area at a time.  Today was my coat closet.  As you can imagine, working where I work, this is a big project.  

Now that "Retro" is in, I am finding a ton that is "in".  It is like walking into a museum.  I found an original North Face Denali fleece jacket and a Mountain Light shell.  Both date back to the early nineties when the store was on Fulton Street.  Next, was a Patagonia Super Pluma Rain Jacket. Love this one! It is so old, I am going to have to check in with our rep to get an approximate age. To top off the highlights, there was a Bogner Ski Jacket.  It is chartreuse.  I know it is awful, but it has sentimental value.  Remember Marcia?  We both bought these jackets.  Hers was olive green.  Probably a better color choice than mine.  Wonder if she still has hers......?? 

YES!  Keeping all of those jackets!  I could not let them go.  It is a problem. I did manage to find at least 10.....maybe 11 coats that are going to find new homes.  So that is progress.  

Now, where does one take them during this time?  

Most donation drop-off locations are currently closed.  DO NOT just leave items at their front door.  They do not have staff available to bring the items in and get them where they belong.  All consignment stores are obviously closed too. 

However, there are groups who are in need more than ever now.  If you call ahead there are shelters that will accept donations.  I found a local church that has a one hour drop-off time a few days a week.  So this load is going there tomorrow.  

Michiganders were not meant to hibernate. Stay active and stay outdoors no matter what mood Mother Nature is in. Those who love being outside tend to say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. If you’re headed out and need assistance with your clothing choices, please visit the store and let one of our staff advise you. Finally, THINK SNOW! Because winter is always more fun with it around.

What treasures do you have in your closet?  Any old CB ski jackets out there?  I would love to see what you find!

Jill Jacobson,

Bill & Paul's