Stay Home. Stay Safe #2 - Life With a Baby On the Way

Posted by Bill & Paul's | 04.09.2020

My wife will tell you there's not much a smile can't fix!

The first few days of staying home was full of sleeping in, binge watching shows, minimal chores and treating the time away from work like a long weekend.  After recognizing the severity of this pandemic and receiving the government’s Shelter in Place order it was evident that we were going to be home for quite some time. I am not home alone.  I have 6 chickens, 2 kittens and a wife who is 35 weeks pregnant! 

I would have never imagined preparing for our baby to come in times like these.  Emotions have been up and down through this.  All our childbirth classes were canceled, our baby showers were canceled, and our family is no longer allowed to visit us in the hospital when the time comes.  There is a silver lining. Our baby shower gifts have been showing up daily, we’ve finished our nursery early, and we’ve made do with virtual visits from friends wishing us well.  Since my wife works for the school system and the schools are closed, she can stay healthy and rest as much as she wants. Although I had to FaceTime to watch our last ultrasound, we found some online childbirth and care classes so now we feel more prepared to welcome our little baby into our world in less than a month.  

We have done what everyone else is most likely doing during this down time. We’ve organized closets, pantries and sheds, cleaned up the yard, did a puzzle on the rainy days and have taken advantage of the sunny spring days. Being 35 weeks pregnant, my wife is limited on what physical recreation she can do. We live on the North County Trail next to the Flat River in Lowell, so we’ve been walking the trail and kayaking the backwaters of the river. My wife usually paddleboards, but to reduce risk, she’s settled for my super stable fishing kayak. We have easily kept a social distance and have even met some new neighbors from shore.  

Next on our list is to prepare our garden and install some gutters before baby Ferrington shows up. So what's everyone think...Boy or Girl?“  

JJ Ferrington,

Bill & Paul's