Posted by Bill & Paul's | 02.25.2020


We're so thankful and happy to have brought our women's YOUR TURN event, with host Lisa Ballard, back to Caberfae Peaks for a third straight year. This program is focused on delivering meaningful instruction in a fun and inspirational environment.  



The program began with breakfast and presentations from Lisa Ballard and Elan ski representative Ray Skelton on how modern skis allow us have more fun on the slopes.  Elan is introducing a new women's ski next season named the Wildcat. There was a lot of excitement around this ski and it was in high demand when everyone headed to the demo tent!


Lisa rotated between two groups in the morning, leading drills and instructing, after which we videotaped each skier for review inside. The third and fourth groups worked with other awesome instructors on techniques tailored to each individual. The weather this year was cold and windy, which created beautiful lake effect snow all day long. With the colder temps, it didn't take much encouragement to get everyone inside for a delicious and warming lunch from Beaties Bar & Grill. During lunch Lisa individually analyzed the morning groups via video.  This is a powerful and entertaining way to see where one can improvement their skiing!




After lunch it was back to the demo tent to switch up skis before the groups headed out for more instruction and video taping.  Around 2:30p everyone gathered back at Beaties where the afternoon group reviewed their video. We all enjoyed some warm and cold apres ski beverages and the energy of the group created an upbeat atmosphere leading up to the raffle and wrap-up!




We can't say enough how amazing it was spending the day around 24 high spirited skiers in such a welcoming environment.  Caberfae once again outdid themselves with their incredible customer service and support.  Thanks to the talented group of instructors, the dedicated staff at Beaties Bar & Grill, and to Ray and his team for their work in the demo tent.  A special thanks to Lisa Ballard for selecting Bill & Paul’s as a partner shop for her 2020 YOUR TURN tour, for the energy she brings to the day, and for her gift for teaching.


A quick shout out to the sponsors of this event: Elan Skis, Leki Poles, Skea, Transpack, Bolle, Caberfae Peaks, and Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus. 


More photos from our event can be found by clicking the button below.