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May 19

How to Choose a Kayak Posted by: Bill & Paul's Kayak shoppers are presented with so many models, sizes, and options to consider that it can be intimidating. Bill & Paul's is here to help make sense of it all, make you a smarter shopper, and best of all, a happier paddler!  

May 14

New Arrivals Blog Posted by: Bill & Paul's New arrivals happen regularly around the Haus'. See what gear, clothing, footwear and outdoor accessories are fresh and we're excited about in this ever-changing blog post.

May 12

Water Treatment and Purification Posted by: Bill & Paul's While camping, hiking, paddling or travelling be aware most water sources are contaminated. Filtering or purifying your water will improve your chances of getting sick from consuming it. This blog is to inform you of the most common contaminates and provide solutions you can use on your next outing.

May 10

What to Wear Kayaking Posted by: Bill & Paul's What to wear today...Always a fun question, but when it comes to paddling it may mean the difference between fun and misery. This post is to help the everyday paddler choose the right outfit for their day on the water. 

May 10

Buying The Perfect Sleeping Bag Posted by: Bill & Paul's Don't let a miserable night's sleep ruin your next outdoor adventure. Here are some tips and information to help make your next bag purchase the right one! 

Apr 20

Kayak Launches in West Michigan Posted by: Bill & Paul's has supplied a great map full of great sites to visit with a paddleboard or kayak! Enjoy this map and share with your friends!

Mar 27

Take A Hike West Michigan Posted by: Bill & Paul's Check out these tips to make your first trek an enjoyable experience! 

Dec 25

Best Easy Hikes GR Posted by: Bill & Paul's In 2019 our softgoods buyers completed a series of hikes throughout West Michigan using the book, Best Easy Day Hikes-Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read about their adventures then grab the book and use it as a guide to create your own outdoor experiences!

Oct 30

Family Skiing in Michigan Posted by: Bill & Paul's and Mom in the Mitten Taking the family skiing? Michigan has over 40 areas and resorts just waiting for you! Before you start, here are some tips and suggestions to make your first visits to the slopes fun, rewarding, and worry free. Start today because wintersports can be enjoyed by all ages for life and you don't want to miss a day.

Oct 01

Pain Free Ski Boots Posted by: Bill & Paul's Nobody should ski in boots that hurt their feet! Our team of fitting experts can get you into the right boot if you need to purchase new boots, but we can make your older boots feel great too! See some of what we do all season long to keep your feet happy.

Sep 01

5 Ways to Enjoy Winter Without Snow Posted by: Bill & Paul's This article was written in 2019, when the early winter weather was cold but we didn't receive significant snow until January. At Bill & Paul's we're always optimistic West Michigan will have a white Christmas and New Year. But if that's not the case this year, here a few great ideas for having cold weather fun without the snow! 

Mar 30

Staff Celebration Day 2022 Posted by: Bill & Paul's Bill & Paul's closed for the day on March 2nd, 2022 and took their staff to Timber Ridge Ski Resort for a day of fun. Enjoy the pictures and story of the day.

Mar 30

Outdoor Recreation is for Girls Posted by: Bill & Paul's With more and more women hitting the trails or the slopes, it's important that they have access to the gear they need. Bill & Paul's has a great selection specific to women. Combine that with our expert staff and you're sure to be prepared for your next outdoor adventure! 

Apr 17

Homie's Ultimate Hugh Heward Adventure Posted by: Bill & Paul's In 2009 Jon Holmes (AKA Homie) joined a group of expedition paddlers in an attempt to paddle from Detroit, MI to Chicago, IL. Rather than paddling around the Lower Pennisula, they chose to attempt paddling through it. This is the story of that adventure.