Intro Kayak Class



$50 Per Person*

An introduction to the fundamental elements of flat-water kayaking. Learn about different kayak designs, participate in equipment and safety discussions, and practice paddling and safety techniques on the water.  Students will have 2-2.5 hours of paddling time available in this program.

*Your class fee may be applied to the purchase price of a new kayak after completing the course.


No previous kayaking or paddling experience required.




Students encouraged to bring their own kayaks to this class. Bill & Paul's will have a limited number of demo kayaks available for use.




We require a minimum of 4 students to hold the program and allow a maximum of 8 students per class with a student/instructor ratio of no more than 4:1.


2024 Class Dates & Times 


Tuesday May 21st                5:30p-9:30p  



 Saturday June 22nd              9a-1p 



Tuesday August 6th             5:30p-9:00p 




Location: Stoney Lakeside Park, Lowell, MI.



Intro Class Outline

Part I - On-land activities
1.   Welcome paperwork, policies

2.   Kayaking Environments in Michigan
3.   Hypothermia, Cold Shock, Hyperthermia
4.   Dressing for Success-Clothing for Kayaking
5.   Accessories and Safety Equipment
6.   The Big 3-Kayaks, Paddles, and PFD's
7.   Paddle set-up and use
8.   Entering and Exiting the kayak
9.   Boat fit and Skirt use

Part II- On-Water activities
1.   Wet Exit Demo

2.   Kayak paddle strokes-Forward, Reverse, Sweeps, and Stops
3.   Solo and Tandem Rescue Demonstrations

4.   Kayak Roll recovery demonstration

5.   Debrief  

Part III-Open Demo Time
Students will have access to Bill & Paul's demo kayaks for an hour of free paddling.  This is a great way to test new skills and accurately assess differences between the kayaks.




Kris Says: 

"I just wanted to write a quick note saying how much I enjoyed last nights' Kayak clinic! John and Rusty were superb instructors and they did a fabulous job of making everyone feel comfortable regardless of their experience level. Their explanations were clear and concise and John's critique and correction of our paddling strokes was done with grace and kindness. Watching the paticipants' skills and confidence grow during the entire clinic was awe inspiring.


The opportunity to demo boats was eye opening as well!


Please let Jon and Rusty know how much we enjoyed their instruction!"


Thank you