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Jun 19

What to Wear Kayaking Posted by: Bill & Paul's What to wear today...Always a fun question, but when it comes to paddling it may mean the difference between fun and misery. This post is to help the everyday paddler choose the right outfit for their day on the water. 

Apr 01

Kayak Launches in West Michigan Posted by: Bill & Paul's has supplied a great map full of great sites to visit with a paddleboard or kayak! Enjoy this map and share with your friends!

Mar 30

Outdoor Recreation is for Girls Posted by: Bill & Paul's With more and more women hitting the trails or the slopes, it's important that they have access to the gear they need. Bill & Paul's has a great selection specific to women. Combine that with our expert staff and you're sure to be prepared for your next outdoor adventure! 

Mar 03

Hiking Grand Rapids Posted by: Bill & Paul's Follow Anna and Jill, our softgoods buyers as they work to complete a series of hikes throughout West Michigan. Using the book, Best Easy Day Hikes-Grand Rapids, Michigan as a guide readers can complete the same trails.

Mar 01

Take A Hike West Michigan Posted by: Bill & Paul's Check out these tips to make your first trek an enjoyable experience! 

Apr 17

Homie's Ultimate Hugh Heward Adventure Posted by: Bill & Paul's In 2009 Jon Holmes (AKA Homie) joined a group of expedition paddlers in an attempt to paddle from Detroit, MI to Chicago, IL. Rather than paddling around the Lower Pennisula, they chose to attempt paddling through it. This is the story of that adventure.

Jan 06

5 Ways to Enjoy Winter Without Snow Posted by: Bill & Paul's While we’ve received a decent amount of snow (29.5” so far in Grand Rapids), it hasn’t stayed around for very long.  This has left those who enjoy cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and sledding looking for other ways to be active outdoors.